It’s Nothing Personal

I did this thing where I gave myself a bunch of really close together deadlines and in order to adhere to them, I have to write about 2,000 words a day. If Stephen King can do it, I can…I think. So far I’m doing well, except for today.

Monday, typical Monday. Yesterday was the premiere on SyFy of Sharknado: The 4th Awakens and my darling husband and I went to a viewing party. Food, friends, fun, fins, and beer…I tried to wake up on time this morning for my weekly coffee and writing date with Lynn Townsend, but instead I slept past noon and woke up to a rejection letter for a story I submitted.


I make a concerted effort to not take rejections personally. They still hurt, though. This one is a little tougher – it’s an anthology that many of my writer friends’ pieces were accepted into. I’m caught in this weird limbo of Yay! I am thrilled that your story was accepted! Congrats! and Well, shit. Sometimes stories just don’t fit what the publisher is looking for. A rejection does not mean I suck as a writer.

The hardest lesson to learn as a writer, was taught to me by an animated blue fish. Just keep swimming…Just keep writing. All you gotta do is write, write, write.

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