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I survived BaltiCon 50 and didn’t buy a t-shirt…

My newest short story Shift was released over the weekend (you can find it here) and book releases are always awesome. During the Con I went to several book release parties (okay, 2 – I went to 2 release parties because my idea of a good party involves wine, sweatpants, and naps…) As I was wall hugging at the largest of the two parties, talking to my author/musician friend Jonah Knight, I was struck with the fact that I know a plethora of really damn good writers and I don’t read their work. Of course, I always buy the book with good intentions and then never get around to actually reading anything.

That realization prompted my newest project, a summer reading list. In high school, f*#@%— years ago, I was in AP and Honors English and we used to have summer reading assignments. What was stopping me from doing that this summer? Alternately, what was stopping me from picking better books? (I swear – if I have to read The Grapes of Wrath one more time…ahem) Nothing. Nuh.Thing.

My summer reading assignment sheet:

  1. Read one book that deal with the craft of writing or the writing industry
  2. Read one book in a genre you write
  3. Read one book by an author you know personally or have met
  4. Free pick

Happy reading!

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Once Upon A Scream | Blog Tour

Once Upon A Scream

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…and we’re back…

I am officially unofficially back in the blog-o-sphere.

This has been a long time coming. I’ve been on a bit of a personal hiatus trying to get my bearings because this full-time writer gig is completely new to me. Having left the soul-sucking-cesspool that was my outside of the house 100% emotionally exhausting “day job,” I’ve needed some time to recover and reestablish my me-ness. I meant to have my website back up sooner, but…meh. It’s here now, and the push I needed to start getting it ready was because I’m going to be doing more Blog Tours.

Up Next: Once Upon A Scream | Blog Tour

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