Monday & *Spoiler Alert*

Chinatown, London. Benedict Cumberbatch during...

Chinatown, London. Benedict Cumberbatch during filming of Sherlock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I finally got around to watching the season 2 finale of Sherlock on Netflix…watching Sherlock fake his own death gave me a panic attack…I knew in my mind that he was faking his death, but between Moriarty shooting his own brains out and Sherlock (or something closely resembling him) going splat on the pavement below…I was a bit of a mess.  (On a lighter note – I now realize I totally would be on the sidewalk in an effort to catch Benedict Cumberbatch – because that might be the only way I’ll ever get that sexy man on top of me…)

Today has not been much better, so I have opted for *squee*

…and I totally want a Corgi puppy…

…can’t decide if I would name it Ein (as originally planned) or Sherlock…

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