The Kaylee Parasol (a first-timers tutorial)

My wedding theme is Firefly/ Serenity the Kaylee and Simon wedding. I wanted to walk down the aisle with a parasol like the one Kaylee has in her hand when she meets Shepherd Book. Since I’m kind of artistic and crafty, I decided to buy a parasol and paint it.  The following is a small, first-timers tutorial.  It isn’t meant to be 100% accurate, but I thought it would be fun to show people how I did it.  (Note:  This is the first time I’ve *ever* painted a Kaylee parasol)

I bought two WHITE parasols from David’s BridalHere.  I purchased two – one to paint and a second incase I made a gorram mess of the first.  (Note:  Don’t be fooled into buying the light pink parasol because the paper looks kind of tan – like the aged parasol Kaylee has, but I assure you white is the BEST option – the light pink really IS light pink.)

Next – I tried to get a feel for what the back of the parasol looked like, which I couldn’t from Google because every picture is the close crop camera shot of Kaylee holding the parasol over her shoulder so you see her face and the colors through the parasol.  So, I made DJ (RightWingLiberal – also my fiancé) try to take a picture.  This was the best he could get:



At Walmart I bought a pack of nylon bristle paint brushes and red, yellow, and kelly green acrylic paint.  Now begins the actual tutorial.

Step 1:   Open the parasol and position it so it won’t roll around.  I did this by using the island/ bar in the middle of my kitchen and opening my mother’s old Pediatric Nursing textbook page side down so the parasol handle was held still, but I could still rotate it as I needed to paint.


Blank Parasol

Step Two:  Using a pencil with a *very* blunt tip, *very* carefully sketch *very* light lines to outline the swirls on the parasol.  (This step is only important if you suck at freehand painting)


See my lines?

Step Three:  Paint the yellow swirl.  (I waited an hour for the initial coat to dry and then added a second because I thought it looked too light.)


Step Four:  Paint the red swirl.


Step Five:  Paint the green swirl.


Step Six:  Upload your photo to Instagram with the Kelvin filter and framed with the hashtag #firefly to impress your less artistic geek and cosplay friends.


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